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A 17-year-old KwaZulu-Natal teenager, accused of raping his one-year-old sister, was beaten to death in Hazelmere.

According to Reaction Unit South Africa, they received a call for assistance from the ward councillor. On arrival at the scene, RUSA members met with detectives from the Verulam SAPS and un-uniformed officers.

It was then discovered that the deceased teenager had allegedly raped his one-year-old sister on Friday and fled following the incident. It is further alleged that, on Saturday morning, the deceased’s mother, along with three of her brothers and a 17-year-old neighbour, tracked the teen to his father’s residence.

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Teen chained and beaten to death for ‘raping’ sister

The body of the 17 year old teenager was found on an unpaved path as he was beaten to death for allegedly raping his one year old sister.
The body of the teen was discovered on an unpaved road, the teen was chained and secured with the padlock on the image above. (image: RUSA)

“They bound his hands behind his back with a metal chain which was secured with a padlock. His family began to beat him in the house before they dragged him outdoors,” said RUSA spokesperson Prem Barlim.

“Members of the community allegedly joined in on the attack. The key for the padlock was handed over to police on the scene by the teenager’s uncle. Five people, including the deceased’s mother, have been transported to the Verulam SAPS for questioning,” Barlim added.

The body of the teen was found on an unpaved pathway, and upon examination, he was found to have been fatally injured and had sustained blunt force trauma to several parts of his body.

The deceased was also accused of allegedly raping another minor child in the area, and no criminal charges were laid in both cases. Other residents also alleged that he was responsible for multiple break-ins and home invasions. A case of murder is being investigated.