Almost two decades ago, in the Chesterville area of Durban, Makhosazana Masango was born. She describes herself as weird and shy growing up.

She would lock herself in her room and just sing and dance. From performing indoors and away from curious eyes, she began performing before crowds.

At that point, she reached the decision to change her name for something shorter, adopting “Azana” eventually.

By her own admission, her teachers saw her singing talents and encouraged her to become a musician.

Before her teachers, her mother had discovered her talent and told her she would become a musician, but she was scared for her daughter at the time, having become conversant with the difficulties musicians face.

Anyway, Azana followed her teachers’ advice and leapt into the world of music.

At an age when many are still dependent and still trying to figure out their lives, Azana has already achieved fame and, some would say, a little fortune. The singer is just 19 years old.

The day and month of her birth are not things that keep her awake in bed. Azana’s focus has been on the music – creating and entertaining her fans – and not on her age. At any rate, she remains 19 years old.

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Real Name
Makhosazana Masango is the real name of the singer who is now famous as Azana. According to her, her parents gave her the name Makhosazana, which means princess in the Zulu.

Her desire for a much shorter stage name – a name that is easy to remember – led her to contract her real name to Azana.

Before the contraction, she had looked up the meaning of Azana. She found out it meant queen.

Her findings pleased her. She knew there and then that it was the name for her and her brand, so she adopted the name and has long become famous by it.

Record Label
Azana has worked with many fine talents in the music industry in South Africa, most notably Sun-El Musician of the El World Music record label.

Given her association with the muso, many think she is signed to EL World Music. She isn’t.

However, she has had one of the greatest working relationships with the songster and has released a couple of tracks with him, including “Uhuru.”

As she herself had confessed, they “gelled” effortlessly in the studio. And yes, they’re darn good when they collaborate.

Azana is signed to Big City Dreams Records – not a famous record label, but it’s one with which she is okay having a working relationship with.

From the label’s Instagram post, it is clear it promotes not just Azana but Sun-El Musician as well

Boyfriend & Networth
Azana is one of the 19-year-olds making waves in South Africa’s music universe.

There can’t possibly be a shortage of men vying for her attention and a relationship. However, of who her boyfriend might be, the songstress has been mostly quiet.

Either she isn’t keen about making that public, or he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, if you’re seriously into her, you might want to shoot your shot. Who knows, you just might get lucky.

Also, the songstress is not one to noise her assets. It is therefore difficult giving a specific sum for her net worth.

Her associates might tell you, though, that her net worth is between R700k and R800k.

Whatever the sum, it can only grow, given the songstress’s musical gifts and appeal as an entertainer.