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Five-year-old Mvelo Gumede, who went missing while playing in the yard of his home in Sun Crescent, Lotusville, was found drowned in a neighbour’s pool on Thursday morning. His body was discovered a day after he was reported missing. According to the boy’s father, the minor was playing with a tenant’s six-year-old child when she decided to return home for refreshments. Little Gumede couldn’t be located afterwards, and the six-year-old girl couldn’t provide any information, which led to a search party being formulated and several locations in Lotusville being searched with no success.

Mvelo Gumede was playing with a six-year-old

Five year old Mvelo Gumede was found drowned in a pool

The boy went missing on Wednesday, 04 January 2022.

According to RUSA’s spokesperson, Prem Barlim, the search was called off at 2:30 and resumed this morning at 6:00, at which time the tenant’s young daughter was re-interviewed. “The 6-year-old female was re-interviewed by her aunt this morning. She appeared visibly traumatised and was still unable to provide any information. “Her aunt left shortly thereafter to purchase treats for the girl,” she said. It is said that while a bush in the area was being searched, a resident informed members that a child was found floating in his pool just about 50 metres from their location.

Gumede found lyind face down in a swimming pool

Five year old Mvelo Gumede is believed to have accessed the yard through a damaged fence

No foul play could be confirmed. (image: RUSA)

On arrival at the said property, RUSA officers and medics found five-year-old Mvelo Gumede floating facedown in a pool. “Medics retrieved his body from the pool at 7:21 and declared him deceased shortly thereafter.” “The boy sustained traumatic injuries to his face.” “His sandals were found floating in the pool,” said Barlim. It couldn’t be confirmed whether there was foul play involved, but it is believed that Gumede managed to access the yard two doors away from his home through a damaged diamond-wire mesh fence.