A 32-year-old law student, Anaya Peterson, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is facing the tragedy of going blind after she tattooed her eyeballs vivid blue and purple.


In July 2020, Peterson tattooed her right eye blue, and there were complications, including the thought that she had a severe headache and eye dryness, despite the fact that Person went on and tattooed her left eye purple in December. She says she was inspired by Australian model Amber Luke, who also tattooed her eyeball a vivid blue and went blind for three weeks.


Peterson says her daughter was not supporting her since she was afraid she would go blind. She said, “I was just going to get one [eye tattoo] at first, because I thought that if I go blind, at least I’ve got the other eye.” “I should have stuck with that,” Peterson told Kennedy News. “My daughter told me that I didn’t want to do that [the tattoo], asking, “What if you go blind?” She wasn’t on board with it at all.

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Anaya Peterson goes blind after tattooing her eyeballs Purple and blue

She tattooed her eyeballs vivid blue and purple

According to the interview, Peterson was living her life in peace and harmony, enjoying her tattooed eyes, until August 2021, when everything changed. She says she woke up with swollen eyelids, as if she had been beaten by something. She then decided to go to the hospital to see a doctor, and the doctor gave her intravenous medication for three days and biopsied her problematic eye.


The eye modification left her hospitalised due to the eye reacting to the ink; now she faces the risk of developing cataracts. Peterson says she can’t see features on her face, and she believes she wouldn’t have this kind of problem if she hadn’t tattooed her eyeballs. She also says she sometimes wakes up with more floaters in her eyes, which is dangerous.


The mother wishes she had taken her daughter’s advice and never gone for the tattoo, since the experience was very traumatic and something she doesn’t wish to do ever again.