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The collapse of the post office in South Africa has been a topic of concern for many citizens, with the latest news being that the Pescodia branch of the post office is the only one left to service the entire Kimberley. This has led to long lines for motor vehicle license renewals, grant recipients, and other services, causing frustration and inconvenience for many.

According to Pakes Dikgetsi, the main post office in the city center is not functional because they have not paid the electricity account, while the one in Beaconsfield was closed down a while back. The two in Galeshewe township are also not functional because of burglary, with stuff either stolen or damaged. There is no urgency to get them up and running again, which has left many citizens feeling helpless.

Desmond Fredericks commented on Dikgetsi’s post, saying that the post office is in provisional liquidation, with all the money being mismanaged or stolen. This mismanagement is also evident in the fact that the post office has not adapted to changing times, with 99% of post going by email nowadays. Other countries like the UK have relocated post offices to form part of supermarkets, in one corner, or innovative ideas like that.

Roelof Johannes Pretorius suggested that the license office can relocate back to the municipality, but then the conversation about mismanagement starts all over again.

Kgomotso Siyeni shared his experience of struggling to renew his disc before the deadline, going to three different post offices, all of which were not operating. He expressed his frustration, saying, “Corruption. We are suffering.”

Paul Mokwena also expressed his concern, asking, “My disc is due to be renewed next month. Where will I go as Pescodia is just too far?”

Anetta Changfoot shared a bleak outlook, saying that there will be nothing left for the children of South Africa if mismanagement and corruption continue to prevail.

Landiwe Daka suggested that the government should have prioritized making PostBank the official government banker, which could have saved the post office.

The collapse of the post office is a clear indication of mismanagement, bad governance, and corruption, which will cost South Africa dearly. It is time for the government to take urgent action to address these issues and ensure that citizens have access to essential services without having to endure long lines and frustration.