Elon Musk has offered a blunt response to Julius Malema this week however Penuel Mlotshwa, known for his podcast The Black Pen, who was also duped by the EFF leader has clapped back.

This follows the YouTube personality’s appeal to the controversial politician to “educate” Musk and others about his stance – particularly on the struggle song Kill The Boer.

In a press conference on Wednesday, 2 August, Malema addressed various topics like his performance of Kill The Boer and his billionaire businessman critic Elon Musk

Without naming him, he said: “This MacG wannabe, one of these podcast people who failed with the very low followers, his relatives only that are following him. He says I must educate Elon Musk.

He added: “A failed podcast, this unemployed lack of creative people who go and just take cameras and then do flop to podcasts imitating MacG.

“MacG is still going to outshine them because of their fraudulent mentality. Copy cat”

Penuel Mlotshwa Claps Back

Podcaster Peneuel Mlotswa
Image: Instagram/ @GODPENUEL

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Penuel Mlotshwa responded to Malema’s insults.

He started off by listing several reasons why he was no longer a fan of the EFF leader.

He then addressed the shade, tweeting: “But the name-calling was unnecessary, in bad taste & a reminder of why I’ve lost some love for him as my leader prior.

“He does this with everyone he’s in some power struggle with… almost as a form of jealousy that others (maybe his handlers) are seeing another young boy with a voice… …it’s like he must show the rich white funders that he’s still the chosen black for the poor black masses”.

said Penuel

Penuel claimed he found it unbelievable that Malema did not know who Elon Musk is.

He continued: “Julius pretends like he doesn’t know Elon Musk, the wealthiest man on earth. The new owner of Twitter/X. The man who championed Paypal, Space X, Tesla, etc. All to entertain ignorant supporters to believe Julius doesn’t acknowledge anyone who doesn’t support him, regardless of their profile. It’s lame, but it gets the people going”.

Lastly, Penuel added that Malema’s opinions were just that.

“I don’t need Julius Malema to acknowledge me or my podcast. I’m a Mafikizolo that still needs to earn his keep.”