Correcting a rude friend sent him to his early grave. Zanton Basson, 17, from Rocklands High School in western Cape Town, was stabbed to death by his friend just for correcting him for being rude to an elderly person.

On November 18, 2022, the country woke up to the shocking news of the brutal murder of Zanton Basson, who was stabbed by his 22-year-old friend for correcting him for being disrespectful to the elderly at Westgate Mall, Mitchells Plain.

Zanton was rushed to Melomed Hospital, where he was stabilized, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it.

“It is alleged that an argument broke out between the two after Zanton corrected his friend for being rude to an elderly person. His friend then turned and stabbed him in the chest. said woman for a change.

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The school principal, Novel Pelston, paid tribute to the younger “It is with sadness that this 17-year-old young man’s young life had to be cut short so suddenly and so cruelly on Friday, November 18 2022. This tragic news undoubtedly changed our lives forever. His loving family, his classmates, the staff, his friends, and all who were touched by his life—not forgetting the broader community— We are all devastated by his tragic loss.

Zanton Basson

Zanton Basson was stabbed by his 22-year-old rude friend

Zanton was described as a noble man with a magnanimous heart, a true Rockland High School boy; his teacher says he was always affable when engaging others. He greeted every teacher, walked past, and always had a smile on his face. He truly embodied the Rocklands High spirit of passion. He further explained that the school will never be the same for him.

Parents, teachers, and learners were gathered at the school to pay tribute to Zanton on Sunday, November 20, 2022. No one had the heart to process the horror; eyes were filled with tears. Students, parents, and teachers were hugging and comforting each other.

Bison’s murderer was later arrested and sent to Pollsmoor Prison after appearing in the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court.