17-year-old twin sisters, Pridge and Prish Mbiza, from Dayiman High School in Gottenburg Village in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, are worried that one may not make it to university next year due to home affairs capturing her identity document incorrectly.


During August last year, Home Affairs visited Dayimani High School in Gottenburg Village in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga, on an outreach programme to assist pupils apply for IDs. The twin sisters took part in the program, but unfortunately things didn’t go well for the sisters as one official allegedly had the twin sisters’ application documents wrongfully captured on the system.


Daily Sun visited the mother of the twins, 41-year-old Agreement Ndlovu, who was unpleasant with the official. She says she tried to reach out to the official about the mistake he made on the system on the Department’s mobile truck, but he never listened instead he scolded her and warned her against interfering with his work.

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“I tried to advise him that the document he was busy capturing was wrong and it belonged to Prish. He refused and warned me not to teach him his work. He issued receipts for them to check for the collections of the IDs. but nothing came forth. We went to the Mhala Home Affairs office in Thulamahashe, about 60 kilometres away.

“Officials said there’s an error on both of their files. They charged them R140 each for the documents to be rectified. We paid them. But only Prish received her ID in May. We’ve been up and down since coming here. But officials kept turning us down.

“They say the documents were not yet processed at the Home Affairs offices in Pretoria. “Pridge is really frustrated, and she had to write her matriculation examination without an ID,” she said.


One of the twin sisters expressed her emotions by saying, “I love my sister, Prish, and we share almost everything together.” Obviously, I won’t be accepted to the university without an ID if I happen to pass the matriculation very well. We have planned that together we will go to the same university to study nursing after passing the matriculation exam. But my dream is ruined without ID.” “This is a big mistake done by Home Affairs, and they don’t care about the consequences,” she said.


The department of home affairs in Mpumalanga is hoping to resolve the matter, said Ndalisa Jele.