A 35-year-old woman who works as a sex worker in Brittany’s North West says she is tired of selling her body and hiding her occupation from her family.


The lady said after she lost her job in May this year, she started her business of being a sex worker at fast food outlets, where she was introduced by her friend who is also in the same industry as her. She said she was operating in the Pretoria CBD and sometimes in Brits.


Speaking with DailySun, the lady said she is tired of lying to her family since they are not aware of the kind of work she is doing on a daily basis, as she told them she is working at retail shops.


“I’m scared all the time that one day my family will judge me for this bad work,” she said.


She further explains that she is doing her work under the influence of alcohol but not drugs. Moreover, she says she regrets becoming an umagosha and that she is tired of having sex with different men every day.

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The sex worker would work in Pretoria CBD

The sex worker revealed that she would work in Pretoria CBD and sometimes in brits

According to the report, the ladies are paid based on the kind of sex they offer to the client; the price may range from 500 to 1000 depending on the situation; when the sex is offered with a condom per night, it is 500; without a condom, it is $500. Her message to young women is that they must stay away from such a trade because there are consequences.


The lady advised young women to refrain from such occupations because they have many consequences, such as being raped, as underlined by the members of the society, and the chances of being a victim of human trafficking are high.


The lady wishes to give her life a second chance, look for a decent job, and finally give her life to Christ.